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Information Technology

The information and resources in this area can be used for both English learners and native speakers alike.

Resources on this Website

Management Information Systems Lecture Notes

Foundation Concepts
(496KB PDF)
(343KB PDF)

Management Challenges
(274KB PDF)

Other Lecture Notes

  • Reducing Software costs through the use of Open Source and free software without reducing educational outcomes
    PC software costs can be reduced by £700 per PC, simply by using a mix of Open Source, free and strategically chosen commercial software without affecting educational outcomes. Only if you are fully aware of open Source and free alternatives will you be able to get the best value from your computing budget. By taking Open Source software as a baseline for student productivity, you may find that it is sufficient for many everyday tasks. If there is a need for commercial software it should be justified by looking at the value it adds over and above the open source software in terms of improved student outcomes. This presentation will highlight Open Source Software, the student outcomes that can be achieved with it and show how a clear and simple decision making process could be established that is focused on students outcomes rather than supplier’s profits.

  • 21st Century Writing Skills (273KB PDF)
    These lecture notes cover the writing skills required for writing Emails and Webpages. (First Presented May 2006)

  • Internet Safety Week (1.3MB PPT)
    This lecture is designed to remind students of the ease with which people can get their personal details and could lead into a discussion as to how to protect yourself online. The techniques used to make this presentation did NOT require professional IT skills and could easily be done by most 13 year olds.

  • Introduction to the Internet (337KB PDF)
    This Introduction to the Internet gets students to think about the infrastructure behind the scenes and is ideal for students studying CISCO or those who are going to get involved with providing Internet hardware. It is NOT a beginners guide to using the net!

  • Operating System Deathmatch (904KB PDF)
    These are notes to encourage students to think about the number of operating systems available. They are aimed at students who are either ICT professionals or studying ICT. Please also download the handouts (Lesson pack 502KB)

Interactive Resources

  • Business Software Applications Pairs Game (2.82MB SWF)
    A pairs game to help students learn about applications and their relevant icons. Useful as part of an ICT lesson, MIS or computer familiarisation lesson and fun for the rest of us.

DIDA Leaflet Creation Guide

This set of resources shows students how to create an 8 page leaflet that is similar to the one specified in the DIDA Module 1 unit. This allows students to see an example of what is expected without being able to copy and paste it.

  • Computer Games Leaflet (636KB PDF)
    This example does not include the poster and is designed for on-screen reading.

  • Computer Games Printable (1.26MB PDF)
    This is the version for printing and folding and includes the poster

  • Project Log (5KB PDF)
    An example project log to show students the level of detail required.

  • Sources Table (77KB PDF)
    To show students how they can acquire images and respect copyright.

  • PEGI Poster (1.02MB JPG)
    JPEG of the poster.


Other Useful Pages

  • SpeedReading
    Including details of how to speed read Internet pages.

  • Computers In The Classroom
    Two published papers with one on using Search Engines for lesson planning and the other on maintaining discipline in a computer lab.

  • TV
    If you want to cache Youtube files then this is the page to visit

  • Presentations Page
    Guide to creating better presentations with resources for PowerPoint and Impress

  • Webmaster Help
    Hints and tips for Webmasters





A very comprehensive resource for teaching ICT.

ICT Resources
A very basic looking Website packed with good resources.