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General Business Writing

General Business Writing | Report Writing | Business Books

This section deals with business writing. Please be aware that large numbers of business students don't want to do writing, so if you are in a mixed class it maybe an idea to discuss these in class and give homework for those that want the writing practice.

Please be careful about encouraging students to do resumes/CVs or application letters, because if the company is paying for classes they sometimes take offence that you are teaching them such skills.

If you're looking to write Marketing books, then I'd suggest having a look through these books on

Business Guides

  • Report Writing
    All our resources for Report Writing can be found in our Report Writing page.

  • PowerPoint Slides
    Our guide to making top-quality PowerPoint presentations.
    Level: Pre-Intermediate+

Lecture Notes

  • 21st Century Writing Skills (273KB PDF)
    These lecture notes cover the writing skills required for writing Emails and Webpages. (First Presented May 2006)

Business Writing Exercises

  • Style Guide (392KB PDF)
    Includes an example style guide exercises and teacher's notes.

  • Speech Writing (128KB PDF)
    How to write effective presentations and speeches.

  • Complaint Response (65KB PDF)
    An exercise is responding to a difficult complaint that could potentially cost BBC World a lot of money. Level: Upper Intermediate+

  • Sales Emails (60KB PDF)
    How to improve a real sales email with a sample before and after
    Level: Upper Intermediate+

  • Press Release (112KB PDF)
    How to write an effective press release
    Level: Upper Intermediate+

  • Webpages (60KB PDF)
    How to write a simple Web Page that will get a good ranking with search engines.
    Level: Intermediate+

  • Writing Proposals (103KB PDF)
    This guide is designed for students taking the Cambridge Advanced Examination, but is equally applicable to real-life business.

  • Creating a Flyer Exercise (69KB PDF)
    Exercise to create a flyer for a local business. Also includes print cost reduction tips.

  • SWOT Analysis (48KB PDF)
    Our guide to SWOT analysis.

Other Writing Skills





This rather plain looking Website makes up for its looks with a great set of info on writing CVs.