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X-Treme Creative Writing

creativewritingcoverX-Treme Creative Writing helps you break out of monotonous writing and break into new levels of Communication! Break free with creativity!

More than just covering the various forms of creative writing, this book takes you to the cutting edge of push-button publishing and scriptwriting, developing your creative ideas into full-blown masterpieces fit for publishing. An excellent source of information and inspiration for teachers, students and executives aspiring to communicate well through the written word.

Capitalising on his capabilities as a published author, English language instructor and Webmaster, the author deftly instructs and inspires you pick up and master the art of creative Writing

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Praise For X-Treme Creative Writing

"If you’ve always wanted to improve your communication skills through the w ritten word,  James Abela offers clear, concise advice on how you can write more creatively and effectively.  Abela takes readers through the various aspects of creative writing. He offers tips on character-creation, descriptive writing, the importance of setting; and also advises on script-writing, composing poetry and even how , once you’ve completed your masterpiece, how to get published and how to promote yourself online."

Daphne Lee
Published in The Star
Friday August 1, 2008

"Many people have come up to me and asked how they can learn to write better—meaning, more creatively and with more originality and so far, I’ve been stumped for an answer. I’ve always believed writing is a gift—like drawing, singing or dancing—and that writing creatively can’t really be taught, although one can consciously acquire and develop the skill by absorbing ideas and techniques
from the excellent writers in the world. Now along comes James Abela with an easy-to-understand, illustrated primer on creative writing designed to help the novice get started. The next time anyone asks how they can learn to write better, I’ll tell them to read X-treme Creative Writing by James Abela!"
Author, Musician and Blogger

"I felt entertained, convinced and even educated in X-treme Creative
Writing. Try putting some fun back into your life—get creative and
start practising how to write and you may end up with a book of
your own!"
Robert Raymer
Author of Lovers and Strangers Revisited

"Other books of this kind become embroiled in jargon and the technicalities of writing but this title focuses on the personal enjoyment that comes from the creative process. The book encourages the reader to think beyond the more traditional and
obvious forms of story telling, and invites the reader to explore numerous outlets for creative energy."
Brian Boyd
Writer Grammarman Comic
Bangkok, Thailand

"This book is a must for anyone nurturing the dream of becoming an accomplished writer one day but lack the know-how of creative writing. In this book, James Abela masterfully shows how young writers can acquire the tools of the trade that will help to hone their craftsmanship and make their writing stand out of the ordinary. It is with great excitement that I look forward to the works of future writers who may claim to have began their adventure into the writing world by reading this book."
Prof M.A. Quayum
Head, Department of English Language and Literature
International Islamic University Malaysia

"X-treme Creative Writing is an indispensable book that takes budding writers through the ABCs of creative writing. James Abela provides a number of routes to one’s writing journey, from diary writing in a conventional notebook to going public by blogging in cyberspace. Written in clear, simple English, he familiarizes the readers with the mechanics of literature: how to construct plots, characters, settings and various genres of creative writing one can indulge in. His creative writing guide is both inspirational and encouraging."
Associate Professor Ruzy Suliza Hashim, PhD
School of Language Studies and Linguistics
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

"Creative writing is critical for both primary and secondary students and I will certainly recommend that all my students buy it."
Andal Krishnan
Language Works Associate
Language Works Sdn Bhd

"You’ve certainly given me ideas and a format to approach students – to start them writing on a regular basis."
Anna Hollowell
English Teacher
Madrid, Spain