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GCSE Business

GCSE Business provides a good basic foundation for students. It is useful both for native speakers and business learners to use the resources here. You will find a number of resources in this section that can be used for revision.

Interactive Revision

millionaire Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Flash)
This quiz tests you on business basics.
(Unit 1 of the GCSE Course)
Play it>>
quiz Marketing Quiz (Flash)
Our test on the basics of Marketing
Play it>>

Marketing Mix Crossword (Java)
To test your knowledge of the marketing mix and related concepts.
Solve It>>

Printable Version (98KB PDF)
Matching Cards (32KB PDF)

crossword Production Crossword (Java)
We test your knowledge of production with this cunning crossword.
Solve it>>

Printable Version (47KB PDF)
Answer Key (42KB PDF)


Resources on this Website


  • Economics Cue Cards (108KB PDF)
    Economics cue cards to help students learn key economics vocabulary.

  • Quality Control (73KB PDF)
    Simple handout explaining Total Quality Management and more traditional ways of managing quality.

  • Complete Set of GCSE Notes (1MB PDF)
    A 44 page set of revision notes for the GCSE Course. Ideal for keeping in your iPhone.

  • How to build a Jet Engine (77KB PDF)
    This handout accompanies the YouTube video, provides a good listening comprehension exercise and fits in well with the manufacturing component of the GCSE curriculum.

  • Production Blockbusters (Zipped PPT 109KB)
    A game of Blockbusters for students to play interactively or on tables in small groups

  • Business Location Exercise (129KB PDF)
    An exercise on location that encourages students to use the Internet to find out about options for locating in China. Includes vocabulary exercises and briefing sheet.

  • Sample GCSE Exam Question with guide (78KB PDF)
    Based on the holiday resort Center Parcs this exam question asks about pricing strategies and their appropriateness. It includes: Exam question, Writing guide, sample answer and teaching notes.

  • Pricing Strategies (141KB PDF)
    Pricing strategy quiz sheet, hints sheet, business examples, exam question and Teacher's Notes.

  • Life Cycle Sheet (79KB PDF)
    An A4 sheet that summarises pricing strategies complete with exercise.

  • ICT in Business Practice Question (92KB PDF)
    Practice question with hints and model answer.

  • Business Departments (60KB PDF)
    Business department summary sheet with comprehension questions

Useful Websites

  • GCSE Bitesize
    BBCs Business resources and plenty of them including practice exam papers, revision notes and quizzes.

  • Business Studies Online
    Some wonderful games and notes

  • bized
    Great PowerPoints and notes

  • Times 100
    Great examples and marketing theory.