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There are a lot of handouts on this site, but on occasion I have written longer e-books for courses to provide a real reference guide for people on my courses. They are here for your quick reference.

(323KB PDF)

Our 12 page guide includes:

  • Comprehensive guide to reports
  • Reading comprehension exercises
  • A sample report
  • Guided writing exercises
  • Matching exercises
  • Return On Investment Definition
  • Answers
  • Teacher's notes

The questions can also be used for the Cambridge University BEC Vantage examination.

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(196KB PDF)

Easy Print Guide to Creating Presentations

Our 7 page E-book Including:

  • Number of Slides
  • The Text
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia Content
  • Front page
  • Handouts
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(70KB PDF)

Mindmapping Guide
A simple guide to Mindmapping.

  • Uses of Mindmaps
  • How to make a Mindmap
  • Idea Generation
  • Mindmaps in exams
  • Mindmapping Software
  • Limits of Mindmaps
  • Practice

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GCSERevision Book

GCSE Business Studies
A 44 page set of revision notes for the GCSE Course. Ideal for keeping in your iPhone.

  • Business Basics
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • People
  • Finance
  • Business Growth
  • External Influences
  • Appendix 1 – Example Figures

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(310KB PDF)

Academic Study

I've produced a short e-book about studying at University and it has the following sections:

  • Using Reference Books
  • Giving a Prepared Talk
  • Work Checklist
  • Remembering by Association
  • Basic Rules for learning and remembering
  • Rules for Revising
  • The Examination - General Points
  • Why make notes
  • Organise yourself and your time


Classic Literature Rated by difficulty

A large number of classic novels have been rated by difficulty and are available for download.
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