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Meeting Skills

As a teacher we are used to keeping things on time and on-task and those skills are very useful for meetings and yet the worst meetings I've known are teacher meetings! There are a lot of good books in the area, but here are two that I think are particularly handy: Meetings Guide and Meetings Pocketbook. The two golden rules of meetings are: Write an agenda and stick to it. Easy to suggest, but difficult to do in practice.

Types of Meeting


To compensate for poor English it is advisable for students to prepare PowerPoint slides or if there is no projector to give out handouts that clearly state what is going on.
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Mindmaps are invaluable to encourage conversation and to encourage people to participate and be sure to give people a clear agenda in advance to give them a chance to think about what is going to happen.
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If you expect to be pitching ideas or requesting budgets be sure to be armed with all the facts and figures. It is a good idea to create a briefing sheet for yourself to ensure you can get your point across. Do not be afraid to write out your points in full, if you are not confident in your spoken English or even prepare handouts that you can give out during the meeting to take the pressure away from spoken English. I would also advise you to dress for the occassion, "power dressing" often helps you to feel confident and a little sugar from chocolate or something sweet can help to encourage your brain to think more quickly. Do not eat or drink during the meeting if you are nervous.

Resources on this Website

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