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lettergameBeginners and elementary learners often require very careful training. At this point in their learning confidence is very important and overcorrection can create a real problem. Also vocabulary is very limited and so each word you use must be thought about.


Resources on this Website

Interactive Story

Cheekymonkey Cheeky Monkey
On the last day of the holidays my 4 year old son and I decided to create a story. There is a Talking Flash Animated version, MP3 version and Story Book version.
Animated Story (900KB SWF)
Story Book (995KB PDF)
Audio Story (594KB MP3)



  • Letter Pack (290KB PDF)
    Letter posters, cards, dotted and grids to help students learn the letters of English.

Speaking & Vocabulary

  • Pronunciation
    Includes spoken guide to common sound mistakes, handouts and tongue twisters.

  • International Phonetic alphabet
    Step-by-step instructions for making your own handouts with IPA characters and useful handouts.

  • Vocabulary Packs
    These packs provide students with essential vocabulary, activities, definitions and pronunciation guides. (There are currently packs for travel, food and rooms) 

  • Greetings (42KB PDF)
    A guide to English greetings and a simple body language guide.

  • How to make a vocab book (62KB pdf)


  • Verb To Have (62KB PDF)
    It's almost impossible to find a simple explanation for the verb to have. So here it is without the burdens of the perfect tenses and thousands of modals uses.

  • Prepositions with time (25KB PDF)
    Prepositions with time matching cards.

  • Past Simple Test with Form Guide (57KB PDF)
    This is a Past Simple Test with common regular and irregular verbs. It also includes the form of the past-simple.

  • A Day In The Life Of An English Teacher (220KB PDF)
    Includes sample day in the life of an English Teacher with regular / irregular verb quiz. Also includes answers and a form to allow teachers and students to create their own days in a simple format that encourages use of the Past Simple.
  • Common Uncountable Nouns (53KB PDF)
    This handout includes a list of common uncountable nouns, it is really aimed at oriental users who often hear them used as countable nouns in their own countries.

  • House Plan (216KB PDF)
    Ideal exercise to revise prepositions of place and furniture lexis. It is also a good discussion exercise.


  • Seat Plans and Layouts
    How to change seating arrangements to suit your classroom. This resource also includes clipart to make it easier when doing your own planning.

  • Using Realia
    How to use real material in your lessons.

  • Top 20 Fillers
    We present the ESL Lesson First Aid Kit to revive any flagging ESL lesson.

  • Dress Codes (317 KB PDF)
    Complete Lesson plan with Matching cards and exercises to assist students understanding of dress codes.


Oxford ELT book with plenty of free resources. Also see elementary

ESL Galaxy
ESL teachers' resources, printable worksheets, board games, video and song worksheets, crosswords, wordsearch puzzles and kids English materials.

A wealth of materials for the Elementary learner.
A good place to find resources for beginners.

A fine resource with lots of worksheets and resources.
Aimed at primary children, but some resources can easily be adapted.

Teaching English
British Council Website for teachers.