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millionairegameIntermediate is the largest area of ELT and is often divided into Upper Intermediate, Intermediate and pre-intermediate. It is a good time to start using simpler authentic material and really build students vocabulary. I find that Intermediate students can often handle magazines aimed at the teenage market and I always try to collect magazines such as Cleo and Just 17.

VAK Learning Styles


This is a simplified Visual Audio Kinaesthetic (VAK)learning style quiz designed to make it quicker for students to have a better understanding of their learning styles and techniques that they can use to help them remember things better.

  • Handout version (56KB PDF)
    Complete quiz with helpful advice sheet

  • Interactive version (269KB Flash)
    This version asks 12 questions, calculates your score and provides simple advice on what you can do to improve your learning.

  • Downloadable version (1.08MB EXE)
    This version can be downloaded to a Windows PC for school or class rollout.


Resources on this Website

Academic Papers

Complete Lesson Walkthroughs

Each of these lessons is ideal for new teachers with minute-by-minute guides as to what to do. I did them during my CELTA training and each lesson was very well received. They also contain Word files with matching cards, which are good templates for novice Word users.

Reading expressions with prepositions
Lesson Plan (332KB PDF) Handouts (200KB Zipped Word Files)
Electronic Flipchart file

Reported Questions
Lesson Plan (265KB PDF) Handouts (28KB Zipped Word Files)
Electronic Flipchart file

Handouts and Exercises

  • Create a Money Board Game (158KB PDF)
    This enables students to create a money board game, which is both useful for reviewing some business concepts and encouraging creativity.

  • Sentencing (240KB PDF)
    A look at crime and punishment in England. This would make a nice starter for discussing cirme particularly for ELT students studying citizenship or preparing for the Life in the UK test.

  • Football (203KB PDF)
    Our introductory guide to football that will not only provide insight into British English, but also provide some interesting Trivia about the world's Number 1 game.
  • Top 10 Games of 2007 (116KB PDF)
    A short reading exercise with vocabulary, discussion and writing exercises to encourage students to discuss their hobbies. Could also lead into a review writing lesson. 

  • Describing Feelings (116KB PDF)
    A handout to encourage students to describe their emotions and talk to each other.

  • Top 5 Inventions (131KB PDF)
    A reading exercise that can lead into superlatives and comparitive grammar presentation or a compare and contrast essay.

  • Children of East Asia (181KB PDF)
    An exercise that explores children's values, aspirations and expectations in East Asia. It includes, a vocabulary exercise, reading comprehension, discussion and writing questions and an IELTs style Writing task 1.

  • House Plan (216KB PDF)
    A good discussion exercise. Also revises prepositions of place and furniture lexis.

  • How to make a vocab book (62KB pdf)
    Step by step guide to making your own vocabulary book.

  • Dress Codes (317 KB PDF)
    Complete Lesson plan with Matching cards and exercises to assist students understanding of dress codes.

  • How Do You Like To Learn? (52KB PDF)
    Survey to encourage student centred learning

  • Getting To Know You Survey (53KB PDF)
    A simple survey to encourage students to get to know each other. Also useful for creative writing sessions.

For Girly classes

Ideal handouts for all-girl classes...

Other Useful pages

  • Top 20 Fillers
    We provide a First Aid kit sure to revive any English lesson

  • Comics
    How to use comics in lessons

  • TV
    How to use TV in lessons

  • Sound Scripting
    Make your speeches and presentations more natural

  • IPA
    How to use the International Phonetic alphabet

  • Using Realia
    How to use real life material in your class

  • Writing
    Our Intermediate guide to writing essays

  • Grammar
    Handouts and tips for teaching and learning grammar

Threebooks hangman


Oxford ELT book with plenty of free resources.

A wealth of materials for the Intermediate learner.
Full of resources on nearly every subject.

English Media Lab
ESL grammar & Vocabulary quizzes, videos, English learning exercises and self-grading tests.
Aimed at primary children, but some resources can easily be adapted.

Teaching English
British Council Website for teachers.

The Language Works
Lots of great material for young learners