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About Us

I'd love to say that this Website was being brought to you by a vast team of engineers or a mega-corporation, but it's just me! Please contribute and see your name in lights here too...

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About the author

James Abela came from an online Marketing background, his biggest responsibility was looking after 5000 pages for ARM Plc in England. He also did a number of other websites and his first position was as a product manager travelling the country.

Since he's started teaching he's done teacher-training, taught absolute beginners through to advanced, IELTs and the Cambridge exams and worked for a few companies and the big names include: British Council, Ministry of Defence, New Strait Times, University of Southern California, Sanofi and DHL.

Other Contributors

I'd like to thank my student Bee San Shee for her excellent video report, Brian Boyd for his Grammar man comic, Dave Sconda for his fabulous contribution towards the Advanced Listening section, Portigal Consulting for their survey example and Mark Thomas from UNICEF for allowing me to adapt their survey on what young people think.

The World's First IELTS Book for The Kindle

It gives us great pleasure to offer the very first IELTS Guide for the Kindle.

The world's first Google co-op Engine with IE7 & Firefox searchbars

These functions were available on day of release of Google Coop Beta Version 2 and to date we're not aware of any other ELT Websites with this functionality. We also beat NASA to make our RSS feed IE7 compliant.


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