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BeeSanBusiness English is the largest of the English For Special Purpose categories and covers both native speakers and non-native speakers.

Please pay careful attention to students and company needs in this area, because I've noticed too many books put too much emphasis on cultural awareness and not enough on basic business needs. Also if a company is paying for a course, they don't expect you to tell their employees how to write an effective CV!

For grammar practice, please see the general English sections of this Website.

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Resources on this Website

Multimedia Resources

Business Presentations

  • PowerPoint Guide
    Our guide to getting the most from PowerPoint

  • Impress
    Our guide to getting the most from the free presentation software Impress

  • Resources
    Downloadable presentation resources

Business Documents


Other Business Skills

  • Create a Business Board Game (158KB PDF)
    This enables students to create a money board game, which is both useful for reviewing some business concepts and encouraging creativity.

  • Speed Reading
    How to improve your reading speed.

  • Mindmaps
    How to use mindmaps effectively

  • Meeting Skills
    Resources designed to help with Business meetings.

  • Terrible Survey (279KB PDF)
    An example of a survey that has gone terribly wrong. Designed to encourage students to think about bias, leading questions and vocabulary choice.

  • Business Departments (60KB PDF)
    Business department summary sheet with comprehension questions

  • Spoken-Phonetic alphabet (52KB PDF)
    Used by the military, pilots and tele-operators throughout the world. (Not to be confused with IPA)

  • Describing Graphs (79KB PDF)
    An exercise to help students build vocabulary related to graphs.

  • House Plan (216KB PDF)
    A nice warmer for a negotiation workshop. i.e. They have to fight over who gets the master bedroom.

  • How Do You Like To Learn? (52KB PDF)
    Survey to encourage trainee centred learning.

Webmerise Case study

Webmerise was a small Internet design company, here is some of the sales literature that they produced:





Times 100
Great examples and marketing theory.

Busines Know How
Some wonderful resources, but the navigation is a bit clumsy.
A good site with plenty of resources.

Quite a lot of good handouts and materials, but not its strongest area.