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X-Treme Factual Writing

Factual writing is a skill in great demand; it is just that not every area of life that demands the skill announces the fact. A personal statement for university application is, in fact, a thinly disguised human interest story, so is the cover letter for a job application and your annual review is really just another business report. Your ability to write factual information in an interesting way is the difference between people rifling through the paper to find your column and using your article as the table mat for their chicken curry. This book will teach you the general skills required for factual writing and the specific writing techniques needed for documents used in corporations, publishing, government and academia taking you to the X-Treme!

"With this, his latest book, James has filled a gap for many people who wish to improve their written work. Research into skills shortages in my local area reveals that half of the employers are, 'Experiencing skills gaps in communication skills, IT skills, management skills and personal skills (general attitude and motivation). A third of employers with skills gaps mentioned problems with literacy and innumeracy skills in their workforce.'
James offers a solution by covering a wide range of written communication methods in an accessible way and with a touch of humour."
–Ron Spence MA (Ed); B Ed (Hons)
Head of Department, Business Studies and Law
Macmillan Academy
United Kingdom

"This book is exceedingly helpful for the beginner writer, looking for a starting point to produce work that will stand out from the
ordinary. James Abela starts from the basics and guides the reader through the various types of factual writing using language that is clear and easy to understand. Many will feel encouraged as Abela dispels much of the anxiety associated with writing and makes what is commonly thought to be difficult and tedious seem easy."
–Professor M. A. Quayum
Head, Department of English Language and Literature
International Islamic University Malaysia

"James Abela’s X-treme Factual Writing follows the success of his earlier book X-treme Creative Writing. Methodically, he educates and motivates in an entertaining way various strategies one can employ in factual writing. Illustrating the broadness of the subject matter, Abela presents techniques which include writing reviews for movies and computer games, as well as business reports and research papers. Whether one is a novice or an experienced writer, this book’s engaging and practical approaches allow new insights so that one can either acquire new techniques or further sharpen one’s writing skills."
–Associate Professor Dr Ruzy Suliza Hashim
School of Language Studies and Linguistics
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

"Developing first-class writing skills is a great aid to any career, but they are essential in business and the media. A fantastic aid
for any aspiring student."
–Liam Higgins
United Kingdom

"Once again James Abela strikes the right note, offering extremely practical advice to anyone needing to write factually. Each chapter has a clear and simple structure and focuses on the essentials, making it easy to follow and put into practice."
–Keith Harris
Chief Academic Officer
Cambridge English For Life

"I found this book to be really helpful and useful and would like to recommend this wonderful book for any English writing courses."
–Prattanah Ruanjahn
English Teacher
Chiang Mai School

"James Abela’s latest book does an efficient job of simplifying complex skills into coherent understandable chunks. The texts draw
the reader in and are eminently accessible for second language learners, but also contain a wealth of practical skills for the native
speaker. One comes out of the book thinking ‘this will actually make me do things better’. It gave me insights into practical skills
I could not only use myself, but could pass on to others through my teaching. Learners are faced with a daunting and expanding array of writing skills needed in their path through study and work life, and need to adapt their style of writing accordingly. A handbook which summarises the characteristics of each one, and inspires you to write them successfully is one which is welcome to students who want to gain that ‘competitive edge’ above the rest."
–Andrew Storey
Schola Europaea, Brussels
Former Deputy Head of Year
Garden International School (Malaysia)

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