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KompoZer is a free Web design editor and is excellent for secondary school children and adults to begin to learn Web design. It has all the basic functions required and as students get more advanced with html they will also have easy access to the code. These videos help you to get started with KompoZer. The final example Webpage has been zipped up for you to see. You can download it.

Below are 6 videos to teach you the absolute basics of Webdesign using the open source software Kompozer. They are all silent, because PCs in schools do not always have sound cards. I hope that they provide you with teaching ideas and help you to encourage students to learn the basics of Web Design.


Resources on this Website

  • ICT Page Zip file (35KB zipped Webpages)
    The files that were created in this video exercise.

  • Self Assessment sheet (114KB PDF)
    Self Assessment sheets to encourage students to reflect on the Web design that they have made.

Other Useful Pages

  • Computers In The Classroom
    Two published papers with one on using Search Engines for lesson planning and the other on maintaining discipline in a computer lab.

  • Presentations Page
    Guide to creating better presentations with resources for PowerPoint and Impress

  • Webmaster Help
    Hints and tips for Webmasters