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BETT 2012 Presentation

Reducing Software costs through the use of Open Source and free software without reducing educational outcomes

Open Source Software

PC software costs can be reduced by £700 per PC, simply by using a mix of Open Source, free and strategically chosen commercial software without affecting educational outcomes. Only if you are fully aware of open Source and free alternatives will you be able to get the best value from your computing budget. By taking Open Source software as a baseline for student productivity, you may find that it is sufficient for many everyday tasks. If there is a need for commercial software it should be justified by looking at the value it adds over and above the open source software in terms of improved student outcomes. This presentation will highlight Open Source Software, the student outcomes that can be achieved with it and show how a clear and simple decision making process could be established that is focused on students outcomes rather than supplier’s profits.

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Presentation Slides (1504 KB PDF)
This is the slide show that are shown at BETT 2012.
Presentation Notes (601 KB PDF) These notes enable you to follow the presentation and make your own notes.

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