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Factual Writing
Don't forget to check out my guide to Factual Wriitng including all the basic forms of writing that you will need in Business.
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Be Brilliant At Business Writing

This is a nice clean book for doing most types of business writing. It is ideal for anybody who has to do marketing or sales and I would especially recommend it for those in small to medium sized businesses where as the Marketing person you will be expected to do everything.

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The MAMBA Way To make Your Words Sell

This book is aimed at Marketing Managers and is particularly important for those who not only have to devise a marketing communications plan, but also have to implement it. This book is written in fairly simple English, has surprisingly little jargon and at just over 90 pages not a word is wasted!

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Report Writing
There are lots of report writing books, but Bowden from the London School of Economics manages to balance readability with the depth required to have a thorough grounding in report writing. Find more information here.

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Marketing Plans

I've got a lot to thank Malcolm McDonald for, his book wasn't on my official reading list at university and after buying it I quickly realised why. It enabled me to do my marketing plan with very little effort and score an easy A and worse still nobody could accuse me of plagiarism because I'd properly referenced it. That was twelve years ago and I still use it today. It's been through a couple of editions since then and each edition has made a few small improvements, but Malcolm McDonald pretty much got it right first time. If you have to make a Marketing plan, get this book!

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Market Leader: Business English with the Financial Times

This is my favourite range of English learning business books, because the material is more authentic there are plenty of real case studies and issues for students to get to grip with good quality examples of business letters and reports. If you are planning to buy a complete range of business books then this is what you should get your students. (The ranges from Cambridge University Press and Oxford don't even come in a close second to this.)

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Improving your grammar

There's just no beating Raymond Murphy's guide to grammar, it's a personal favourite of mine, because when I started teaching English it helped me to understand how to teach the grammar rules. I knew what the answer should be, but to explain how was another matter entirely. It hurts me to criticise this book, but the one thing it doesn't have is comprehensive time-lines.

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