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Speed Reading

With this book you will learn the steps to take you from the slow-lane of reading, through the speed-barrier and into the world of the reading elite.  And it is truly made for the 21st century not just covering traditional media, but also how to read and digest the Internet faster than you could have imagined possible. In this book you will learn how to:

  • Read 10 textbooks in 15 minutes
  • Read a novel in under 10 minutes
  • Read 50 newspapers in 20 minutes
  • Read 50,000,000 Web pages in 0.2 seconds

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Creative Writing

X-Treme Creative Writing helps you break out of monotonous writing and break into new levels of Communication! Break free with creativity!

More than just covering the various forms of creative writing, this book takes you to the cutting edge of push-button publishing and scriptwriting, developing your creative ideas into full-blown masterpieces fit for publishing. An excellent source of information and inspiration for teachers, students and executives aspiring to communicate well through the written word.

Capitalising on his capabilities as a published author, English language instructor and Webmaster, the author deftly instructs and inspires you pick up and master the art of creative Writing

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Factual Writing

Factual writing is a skill in great demand; it is just that not every area of life that demands the skill announces the fact. A personal statement for university application is, in fact, a thinly disguised human interest story, so is the cover letter for a job application and your annual review is really just another business report. Your ability to write factual information in an interesting way is the difference between people rifling through the paper to find your column and using your article as the table mat for their chicken curry. This book will teach you the general skills required for factual writing and the specific writing techniques needed for documents used in corporations, publishing, government and academia taking you to the X-Treme!

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