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Managing Computer Lab Sessions - Keeping It Focussed

Paper Abstract

For many subjects it is useful to use Web-browsers for students to research information, but the difficulty is that students often get distracted from the original purpose or worse still they sneakily use extra browser windows to hide their personal email and games. This paper plans to outline a framework to efficiently manage computer lab sessions and will include the following aspects: Designing tasks in appropriate stages to ensure clarity, Setting boundaries and expectations before the task, Clearly communicating the task in class, Monitoring the task effectively, Giving appropriate feedback and Measuring outcomes from the time spent on the PCs. This paper's ultimate aim is to provide a system that increases student productivity and provides a clear skeleton for teacher planning.


This paper was published in November 2007 in The Internet TESL Journal.
This paper is available in full at:

Using Search Engines effectively for planning ESL lessons

This paper was presented at Asia TEFL 2007 (10 June)

Paper Abstract

Search engines are one of the most widely used tools on the Internet, but this in itself creates a problem, because there is so much material to search that it is difficult to isolate information that will be useful for English as a second language (ESL) teachers. This paper discusses the value of a number of search engines, the use of operators, their taxonomies and special features. It not only addresses the issues of interest to technocrats, but also has a number of step-by-step guides and suggested resources for Internet novices.  Ultimately this paper aims to answer the question: How can search engines be used in planning ESL lessons?


This paper was published by MELTA as part of their MELTA ELT series and is available at all good academic bookshops in Malaysia.

Title: Internet and The English Language Classroom
Publisher: Sasbadi SDN BHD
ISBN: 978-983-59-3372-1
Tel: +60 3 6145 1188
Email: [email protected]

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