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Vocabulary Packs

Each of these packs is designed to provide you with the best opportunity to reinforce learning of key vocabulary through a variety of printable and interactive resources.

Travel | Food | Rooms


Target Language:

  • arrivals
  • beach
  • bicycle
  • bus
  • car
  • city
  • coach
  • departures
  • ferry
  • hotel
  • immigration
  • luggage
  • mountain
  • passport
  • plane (airplane)
  • reservation
  • taxi (cab)
  • terminal
  • ticket
  • train
  • underground
    (The Tube / Metro / Subway)
  • walk

Interative Activities

iconwordsearch Wordseach
This interactive word search allows students to revise travel vocabulary.

Speaking Flash Cards - fully interactive with a "say before see" approach, so that students or teachers can listen and show a word before seeing the written word to encourage better pronunciation. (Click on pictures to hear the word)