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You will not only find out what you must learn, but what you must unlearn!
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I've finally sat down and written the book demanded for so long from people at my workshops. 

With this book you will learn the steps to take you from the slow-lane of reading, through the speed-barrier and into the world of the reading elite.  And it is truly made for the 21st century not just covering traditional media, but also how to read and digest the Internet faster than you could have imagined possible. In this book you will learn how to:

  • Read 10 textbooks in 15 minutes
  • Read a novel in under 10 minutes
  • Read 50 newspapers in 20 minutes
  • Read 50,000,000 Web pages in 0.2 seconds

You can test your reading speed (Requires Flash), read reviews of the book or buy it now.