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Advanced Searches

This is a collection of searches designed to assist teachers not only to search this site, but also the web. Each of these engines has been weighted to give preference to sites which are likely to have useful teaching materials. 

General ELT Engine

Business Search Engine

This search is weighted to search for Business teaching resources.

British National Corpus

This is a specialist search engine to help people doing research into linguistics, but may also be helpful in finding grammar exceptions, co-locations and spoken rules.

BNC Help

Other Corpora 


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Dictionary.com is most based on US information and is designed for general users of English rather than English learners specifically.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

The Cambridge learner dictionaries are specially designed for learners of English and have examples and simpler explanations.

Presentation Search Engine

The Presentation search engine is specifically designed to help people searching for help on making presentations. Before using it you may want to visit the Presentations area of this site.