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X-Treme Creative Writing Resources

This page contains a collection of resources to help you write creatively and are an ideal accompaniment to the book X-Treme Creative Writing.

Lecture Notes

  • Writing Stories (530KB PDF)
    This is day 1 of a 2 day workshop on creative writing.

  • Writing Letters and Emails (384KB PDF)
    This is day 1 of a workshop for secondary school children. (Day 2 is a less detailed version of writing stories.)

Narrative Outlining (Story Outline)

Random Plot Generator

Scratch Project 

GCSE English Literature Mock Exam

  • Mock Literature Exam (49KB PDF)
    A simple Mock GCSE Literature Exam for: Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls and Animal Farm.


  • Writing Stories Handout (63KB PDF)
    A handout that explains the basics of writing a good story

  • Getting To Know You Survey (53KB PDF)
    A simple survey to encourage students to get to know each other. Also useful for creative writing sessions.

  • Diary Example (52KB PDF)
    An example of a diary with template to make diary writing easier.

  • Why Write Letters? (120KB PDF)
    This handout encourages students to write letters with exercises explaining their relevance and topics that they can write about.

  • How To Answer a Text Based English Question (45KB PDF)
    Students forget the procedure for answering Text based English GCSE questions. This simple handout gives a step-by-step approach to help students process questions in an effective manner.