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The essential collection

Studying classical literature can be daunting at the best of times, but be assured that every great author first got to grips with great novels to help them get started. Many classical texts are surprisingly accessible and fun. Do not be afraid to try them, because most can be downloaded for free!

These are the essential media recommended in the book X-Treme Creative Wriitng to help you.

Classic Books (Free downloads)

Author Resources Difficulty
Conrad, J Download Books starstar
De Foe, W Download Books starstar
Doyle, A Download Books star
Henry, O Download Books star
London, J Download Books starhalfstar
Shakespeare, W Download Compendium starstarstarstar
Victor, H Download Books starstarstarhalfstar

Still Copyrighted

Author Title More Details Difficulty
Brown, D The Da Vinci Code Buy Book starstar
Dahl, R Completely Unexpected Tales Buy Book  star
Gilbey, R Groundhog Day Buy Book  starhalfstar
Heller, J Catch 22 Buy Book  starstarstar
Lewis C.S. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Buy Book star
Pullman, P His Dark Materials Trilogy Buy Book  starstarstar
Rowling J K Harry Potter Compilation Buy Book  starhalfstar
Miller, A The Crucible Buy Book  starstar
Frank, A The Diary of Anne Frank Buy Book  starhalfstar
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Difficulty Rating

  English Learners Native Speaker
Age Range
Challenging even for native speakers 15+

Not recommended until after CAE level and fluent in everyday English (IELTs 6.5+)

Challenging, but possible at CAE (IELTs 6+) 10+
Ok at FCE (IELTs 5.5+) 8+