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This page supports the Economics book series. Please check back regularly for updates

Markets in Action Cribsheet (200KB PDF)
This helpful one page sheet covers all the basic formulae to pass the examination.

Elasticity Problem Generator (21KB Excel)
This Excel file generates random puzzles for Elasticities formulae. So that you can easily practice them at home.

Teacher Support

Teaching Resources are available at the TES Website. You will require a login, but most teachers already have one.

Quality Newspaper

It is important to read a quality newspaper.  You can buy a physical copy, visit the library, visit the Website or download it for your e-reader. (Calibre has a quirky interface, but is great for downloading content.)  My first choice would be the Economist, but if you find that heavy going then head over to BBC News Economy.  As for newspapers, the best for financial coverage are the The Times, Telegraph, Independent and the Guardian. The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are probably only accessible once you have started your course and have grasped the basics.